How Styles their ZoZu Products!

Hi friends! It's Jordan from here again to talk to you about how we style our ZoZu products. We all know ZoZu Baby is one of my absolute favorite bow brands and one of the reasons I love it so much is because it's not JUST a bow shop. In fact, some of our favorite items from ZoZu Baby are the knee socks, the tights, and the scrunchies! I'd love to share a few of the ways we style our ZoZu! 
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Our Favorite Christmas Books!

Hi Fellow ZoZu Lovers! Jordan here of and I'm so excited to be sharing one of my very favorite things with you today...Christmas books! Maybe it's the former teacher in me, but I've always had a thing for children's books...especially around the holidays! I've recently converted a little corner of our house into a "book nook" where I rotate and display new holiday books for my three kiddos every month. I've found that rotating a handful of books (aka, storing "out of season holiday books" in the attic and bringing them down once a year) makes them so much more desirable and appreciated in the eyes of my children. Nothing makes me happier than seeing their little excited faces when I've switched out our book nook and hearing them say, "Ohhh I remember this one! This was my favorite! Oh! Is this one new? Can we read it...

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Family Photo Shoot Ideas with Hello Baby Brown

Hi guys, I'm Marisa!  I run a lifestyle blog called Hello Baby Brown, but you can usually find me hanging out on Instagram.  I am married to my high school sweetheart, Eric, and we have three little ones, Sloan (5), Phayre (3), and Briar (1).
We live in Portland, Oregon and love spending time outdoors!
I am so excited to be writing for the Zozu Baby blog!  Tis the season for family photos so I thought we'd chat about family photo outfits today.  
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Love for Scrunchies

The best part of the scrunchies is that they make a great mom and little item!  Dress up a mess topknot, or simply wear it on your wrist.  The options are all there!  Personally I love the tails of our pioneer bow to flop over top of my daughter's bun; however, they look adorable draped down the back!  
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Rainbow Love

So much love happening right now for our Rainbow collection.  Regardless of your child's age, there is something about the rainbow that makes everyone, even adults, happy.  So we are proud to be bringing you such a happy collection!  In addition to our beautiful rainbow bows, we reached out to Pride Socks and ordered up a small batch of their tube socks. 
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Lots of Love - Valentine's Day Collection

Gimme all of the Pink's, Red's and White's that come with Valentine's Day!! Seriously.  Who doesn't love an excuse to shop for all things super girly? 
For our Lot's of Love collection, we kept it small but mighty.  We wanted these bows to be one's that can be worn all year round. 
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It's here! Winter is finally here!

While fall is my favorite season, there is something so magical about winter.  The crisp air, the frosty mornings.  It is all so intoxicating. 

2017 is quickly wrapping up and while I am excited for what is to come next year, I wanted to be sure that we left this year with a bang.  We have streamlined our style a bit more and found what works for our brand and customers and I feel like we really showcase this with our winter collection. 

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BOO! ZoZu Baby Halloween Drop

It's Halloween Time!  My favorite holiday.  Who doesn't like dressing up and eating candy?  While this is our favorite holiday, we wanted to keep this collection limited, but versatile.  I love bows that scream Halloween, but hate that fact that you only have a short time to wear them.  So it was important that we have bows that could work perfectly for the holiday but can carryover throughout the year.    
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Say HELLO to ZoZu Baby's Fall 2017 Collection

My favorite season is here! 2017 has been a crazy year for our brand.  A lot of learning and not all successes.  One thing I know for sure is that we couldn't be more proud of our Fall Collection.  Since we have started promoting our collection earlier this month, we have seen so much love and support from our customers and that is the drive that keeps me going.  The drive that makes me not give up.
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Summer Styles

Being a working mom of two, it can be hard to put yourself together; however, when it comes to dressing the kids, I have no problem at making them look cute!  
We wanted to put together some fun looks that featured our Summer 2017 Collection that would not only be adorable, but affordable, too!  For this task, we turned to our good friend and long time ZoZu supporter, Laura Jilizian, to put together some classic looks that would help you our this summer! 
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Back to Pre-School Basics

While most kiddos have already had their first week back at school, we are still on summer break!  The joys of having a child in pre-school means a little bit more one on one time with them.  But our time together is quickly coming to an end and I need to start refreshing our closest to accommodate cooler weather which is approaching.  

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