BOO! ZoZu Baby Halloween Drop

Posted on September 07, 2017 by Sandy Zucker | 0 comments

It's Halloween Time!  My favorite holiday.  Who doesn't like dressing up and eating candy?  While this is our favorite holiday, we wanted to keep this collection limited, but versatile.  I love bows that scream Halloween, but hate that fact that you only have a short time to wear them.  So it was important that we have bows that could work perfectly for the holiday but can carryover throughout the year.    
The wonderful Marci Spiker is the genius behind the flat lays for our Halloween shoot.  She was able to create the spooky vibe we were wanting while letting each bow shine! 
The one thing we are most excited about is our Cat Ears!  These ears are amazing.  You can wear them without a bow, just let your little one decide!  
Happy Haunting Everyone!!

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